New Sefer Announcement- Sefer On Kiruv Volume 3

Hello, I am writing because I recently finished writing the third volume of my sefer on Kiruv, Umekareiv Biyamin (ומקרב בימין). The sefer (hardcover, 380 pages), just as volumes one and two, is a Hebrew hallachic work discussing some of the more common questions posed to Kiruv and Chinuch rabbanim.

Some topics discussed in this sefer include: changing the name of a baal teshuva, the issue of maaris ayin when sitting in a non-kosher restaurant, birthdays in halacha, trusting a baal teshuva who says that he is a kohen, cooking kosher food in a non-kosher oven, reciting sheva brachos when the chosson and kallah are not besulim  etc..

Here is a sample of the sefer- sample vol. 3.  I will iy”h begin printing over the next few weeks and I am writing to find out if there is interest in pre-ordering a copy. The reduced price for pre-orders will be at the reduced rate $11 plus shipping and handling. Of course no payment is needed until the sefer is printed and ready for shipping.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, so that you can have your copy reserved at the reduced rate, please email me at  . Please include your name and how many copies you would like to pre-order.

Thank you.



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