2 Halachos A Day Email

Over 6 months ago bezras Hashem I began a new program called 2 Halachos a Day where I send out a daily email including 2 halachos on various topics.  There is no charge for this program and b”h hundreds of people have already signed up. If you would like to receive these daily email please contact 2halachos@gmail.com and write “sign me up.” I also have a PDF of all previous emails that can be sent upon request.


Thank you,

Avi Zakutinsky


2 thoughts on “2 Halachos A Day Email

  1. B Weill says:

    I enjoy very much learning your two halachod each day because you also provide the mareh mekomos if one desires to see the psak or halacha in print at its original source. May the Rebbono Shel olam continue giving you the kochis and hatzlacha in this vital work.


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