New Sefer Announcement

I am happy to anounce that I recently completed the second volume of my sefer on Kiruv, Umekareiv Biyamin. The sefer, just as volume one, is a Hebrew hallachic work discussing some of the more common questions posed to Kiruv and Chinuch rabbanim.

Some topics discussed in this sefer include: pidyon haben when they do not know if the child is a kohen, levi or yisrael; attending a wedding in a conservative synagogue; using secular tunes for davening; naming children after non-observant Jews etc.

For a sample of the sefer or to pre-order a copy please contact me at The price of the sefer is $15 for those living in the USA.

The sefer will not be sold in book stores in Israel, therefore, if you would like a copy of this sefer and you are in Israel please let me know in the next two weeks via email.

I thank you for your time


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